Saturday, April 1, 2017


I posted 31 times over the last month. Who wins in this situation? Me.
Ok that's it. I have no other achievements right now.

This video gives me joy because of their little angel paws and how awesome they are as a general. Yaaaaaaaay!!! Here's something different

I know, I know, but it's acyually awesome

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A fictional rant on Lafayette for all you history buffs and Hamilton fans alike. Oh yeah and for anyone with half a brain

So apparently, this Lafayette guy was pretty kick@$$. I mean there was the whole being friends with tons of influential people in our countries history, but then saving us from the revolutionary war by setting his entire fleet up so Cornwallis was stuck? Just brilliant. And then, he ditched Hamilton and for a better bff, Jefferson. This dude liked wierd rooms and, his house is the strangest thing ever built (in my opinion) but all the while, Lafayette was planning for his greatest exploit of all, discovering America. He needed money and all that and was jealous of stinking Columbus, so he set out to find his own America and never returned. Until 10 years ago when he showed up and started making the first iPhone.
This was a man of power and courage. With his monkey radii, he had stopped queen Elsa, made up footloose, and taught the whip to a bunch of men calling themselves silento. We can all be inspired by this amazing man

My feet hurt

I am aware of how late this post is out and I beg your forgiveness. I walked 13 miles yesterday. I am very tired and my feet would agree. I am in D.C. Right now and the weather has been strange. Sometimes it's sunny and then bam. It's raining again with no forewarning.
Yesterday we had the whites house tour and the capital tour. Personally, I preferred the capital tour, as the White House tour was self led and I would have liked to have an explanation of what we are seeing. The furniture in the White House is very old. It looks like what your great grandmothers furnishings weee a national treasure. all of the rooms weee named for their colors. Green room was all green and so in. This also added to the general infitiority of the joise

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I would like to point out that to make this post I asked my sister what the first word that came into her head and turned it into a random rant on it. Chicken. Here we go. If you like this post, tell me, and more like it will come

Chicken is so often overlooked. Overcooked chicken is reminiscent of wood. I am soooo disappointed that people don't get that

The other annoying part about chicken is how freaky it is to eat a bird with ingrown wings that are dysfunctional in every regard.
There ya go, a darnded post about chicken

Friday, March 24, 2017

A shoe full of misery

Anyone with half or even less of a brain knows that sadness is quite natural. Now feeling misery because the inside of your shoes is depressing however, is not. But hey, in my defense, the insides were turning black and smelled of something out of a horror movie. I sat with my shoes and preformed last rights. They had no last words so I skipped that part. Then I took them and let them fall down to the bottom of the trash, along with the banana peels and old moldy stuff that no one had decided to throw away until, aparantly that black stuff was no longer a good thing, we like to judge it by if it has conciencious thought yet. If so, it's probably bad. The WRONG way to tell if something has gone bad is to say that blank doesn't go bad, even when at the current time, it evidently does. Your welcome for the health lesson guys

random words that came into my head while sitting here

there ya go. I did it.


Ok people. the difference between sci-fi and fantasy is quite pronounced. harry potter and Firefly are VERY different. WHY CANT YOU GET THAT STRAIGHT?????? this is coming from a huge nerd who is REALLY ANNOYED right now, hence the capital lettering. If you don't know something, JUST SHUT UP UNLESS YOU ARE ASKING SOMEONE ABOUT IT.